Focus on the future for Maori Media

Changing audience demands and fast evolving technology in the world of Māori media means the sector need to reorient the way it works.

The last two years engaging the sector in a conversation about the future has been full of opportunity and challenge. We have got to a point where many of the ideas and proposals from a media advisory group have been brought together as a package to now engage more thoroughly across the Māori Media Sector. 

The Māori media sector has a history of over 30 years of contribution and achievement. This work is about continuing that success into the future given a fast-changing digital landscape and changing audience demands. 

If the sector is to keep delivering on its unique purpose of providing unique, relevant and accessible content that revitalises te reo Māori and shares Māori stories, it needs to stay ahead of the game and anticipate audience trends that hunger for greater diversity and authenticity.

At a high level there is a willingness to collaborate and position the sector for the future. If we do nothing then the opportunity will be lost and Māori Media will be left behind. 

Māori media proved invaluable in communicating critical messages during the Covid-19 lockdown this included iwi radio and iwi comms teams which is a welcome addition to our national broadcasters. 

Key sector players recognise the need for change. We have been working with them since last year. This has informed the options that we will be discussing this week. No decisions have been made and I hope that rather than draw battle lines, we start to carve out the way forward.


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