Okupu – Your Words

This weekend I launched a mobile app that is a real groundbreaker and promises to revolutionize the way we all learn te reo.

Ōkupu – ‘your words” will connect people who wanted to translate English into te reo with skilled translators. This will be in real-time at a small cost.
As the app developers told me it will connect users and encourage us to speak te reo Māori with greater confidence.
I also see Ōkupu as an important tool in our bid to get a million New Zealanders speaking basic te reo by 2040.
It will give our whānau who are short of time an easier way to close the language gap and it will also become crucial for people who cannot access te reo Māori classes.
This app was the brainchild of Te Awamutu’s Aroha Turner and te reo expert Paraone Gloyne.  Ōkupu will be the first translation service to connect callers with real people.
Visit https://okupu.co.nz/ to find out more.

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