Sugar Free Whanau

Each day brings a new challenge – especially when you have two young children full of ideas and energy.

I’d like to say all the great things you would want to hear about parenting but I like many of you struggle, and it’s hard.
Take for example work-life balance; the reality is that you try and make things work.
Fitting things in seems to be easy in my mind but in reality it’s like juggling six balls all at one!!

I have always struggled with my weight, and I have never wanted my kids to have these same problems.
Making water their drink preference didn’t seem like a difficult transition – and it wasn’t because we love the stuff?
Our real hurdle is sugar.
Thinking of enough options that keep young kids eating healthy made me a google goddess.
Porridge with maple syrup, raisins, and banana gets a little moan, but they have got used to it!!
Fruit and cassava chips or popcorn another win. Anyway, I’m so grateful for the nutritional information that comes home in my boy’s school newsletter.
Basic formula, increase energy out, limit energy in.
Stay happy!!


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