‘Tā Koha’ exciting funding platform for Social Entrepreneurs

What do you get when the Māori Women’s Development Incorporation (MWDI), He Kai Kei Aku Ringa (Māori Economic Development Advisory Board) and Pledge Me team up?

That’s right an exciting opportunity for social entrepreneurs and change makers! I was asked to launch the funding collaboration as an exciting opportunity for people with business ideas to access ‘Pledge Me’ an attract finance and potential investors.

Hikurangi Enterprises secured equity investment from people on the Pledge Me platform for their Hemp production trial. Its evident that once the mystery of the social financing initiative is de-mystified, there is a real prospect of māori social entrepreneurs attracting the resources they need to take their business up a notch.

Each of the 11 business owners who attended the launch were looking to go live with their fundraising campaign and they were excited about the potential of securing support and investment.

The common themes for each business were the desire to ‘make a difference’, ‘support the whānau’ and ‘create jobs and opportunities in their communities’. it’s so exciting to witness the dedication and passion of everyone involved. Ta Koha is an apt description of the initiative because it conveys the concept of giving which is a reciprocal action underpinned by a spirit of generosity and caring for others.

Find out more and support Tā Koha here http://www.takoha.pledgeme.co.nz/


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