Te Arawhiti – Māori Crown Relations a step forward

My ministerial colleague Hon Kelvin Davis launched the new Government Agency responsible for activating better engagement, partnership and relationship with Iwi Māori – Te Arawhiti. The metaphor seabed a bridge but the story is a pillar in our country’s journey towards reconciliation.

Tūhoe Negotiator Tamati Kruger offered a reflection that this is an opportunity to manifest the politics of aspiration where the convergence of Law or Ture engages with the Maori concept of lore or tikanga.

Where the opportunity to fathom concepts of tino rangatiratanga, and kawanatanga are milestones on the path towards building trust and reconciliation.

Hon. Kelvin Davis – without raising expectation- spoke about his desire to reflect back the purpose of the new agency based on consultations hui held throughout the Maori.

Two members of the Crown Maori reference group spoke. Charles Royal reflected on the vision of a Treaty based future that would underpint our national identity.

Titiwhai Harawira spoke about the need for united leadership and vision to support the intent of Te Arawhiti and the ambition that Maori hold for an active partnership.

We have much work to do and the government will work hard to ensure that the way forward is one built on trust, relationships and reconcile to build a better future than the one we have inherited.

Looking forward to the fruits of this approach for 2019,


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