Trade Hui in Tairawhiti

This week I was in Tūranganui- a- Kiwato talk Trade at a Hui on what we do to protect our interests in the days of Covid 19.

Change in the global economy has been profound; it’s no longer ‘Business as Usual’. We have had to work hard to preserve and protect our interests both on and offshore.

But I was also pleased to report that for Aotearoa there is some good news. While exports dipped 2 per cent in April, overall trade levels compared to last year are only slightly down.

Māori exporters have already reacted to the post Covid world. One major Māori seafood company has already adapted to the changes in the China market by altering the way it does business there.

We have got to remember why trade is so important. An estimated 24 per cent of jobs nationwide depend on exports. In Tairawhiti and the Hawke’s Bay, that figure is 31 per cent.


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