Training for a 10km Walk

How many mums are like me?
You need a firm target to keep you on track or scare you into action!! I’ve recently joined a local women’s group called SoulM8. We are everyday people with whanau, working and contributing to our local community in various ways. It’s so important to do something just for yourself once in a while. Women give so much and when we take the time to get a little exercise, catch up, or motivate each other through social media you realise that we thrive on encouragement. So my latest challenge is a 10k walk as a part of the Hamilton half marathon.
My progress has been slow and at times waning. I purchased a Fitbit to ensure that I could at least get 10K steps per day target.
I would recommend a device like Fitbit to anyone who needs prompting. The adrenaline you get from knowing you’ve only got 4k steps to go to hit your target gets the blood pumping and makes you move around.
I have been known to walk the corridors at work if it’s raining or grabbing frequent ‘snack’ walks to get the blood circulating.
Anyway if I hit the 10-12k steps that is around 5kms.
So the challenge of 10km will require approximately 20,000 steps.
I better get to it.

  1. Judy 4 years ago

    Kia ora Manaia
    There is one question I would like to ask and that is if Labour is elected next year what will your stance be on the dropping/laying of 1080? I see you mention the outlook for NZ indigenous species is grim! Do you think this has anything to do with 1080 being dropped into our awa?into our forests killing anything that comes into contact with this white mans poison?I think we as the indigenous people of Aotearoa should have an input into what this government and future governments are doing to our whenua? Look forward to your opinion on which direction Labour will go with this? Kind regards Judy Rewai

  2. Nanaia 4 years ago

    Kia Ora Judy

    This is a heated debate in many areas. I would like a Labour Government to work closely alongside communities to investigate practical alternatives that would support local economies in a pest management implementation response. For example, Te Urewera is looking at implementing local trapping opportunities in parts of their Park as an alternative to the use of 1080.

    Labour continues to take the position for the time being that the use of 1080 is an effective pest control method, but this must always be supported by scientific evidence of impacts and the ability for the Government to consider alternative pest management strategies.

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