Welcoming ‘Māori language only’ challenge

Mahuru Māori is an exhilarating challenge for Māori language speakers, to communicate only in te reo Māori every day for the entire month of September.

The purpose is to normalise the language so that it is heard not only at formal occasions or in ‘traditional Māori’ settings like marae, but also to reflect the activities and values of people every day. During Mahuru Māori, people will be ordering flat whites, holding meetings, doing their supermarket shopping and attending their kids’ sports games as normal but whenever they communicate, it will be in Māori.

I congratulate everyone taking on the challenge and wish them well with sticking to their commitment. Mahuru Māori was pioneered by Te Wānanga o Aotearoa language exponent Paraone Gloyne, in 2014. Last year saw more than 600 people formally register their participation and even more are expected this year. People can choose whether to commit to speaking Māori for the whole month, one week or one day a week.

I am excited to see the changing profile of te reo Māori in society. In my lifetime alone we have seen the Māori language petition progress to a Māori language day, a language week and now, a full month of celebration and revitalisation.  There’s a long way to go but I look forward to te reo Māori regaining its position as a normal language on the streets, at the dinner table, in the mountains and on the waterways of our beautiful country.

Download a guide on how to pronounce te reo  l http://www.tetaurawhiri.govt.nz/assets/LanguageResources/KIA-ORA-Pronunciation.pdf
Check out this link to learn more about Māori Language Week http://www.tetaurawhiri.govt.nz/events-and-promotions/maori-language-week-2018/




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